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In our factory we have a large availability of medium voltage switchgears both of

new construction (brand new) or second-hand (duly revised).

Generally speaking the units available in our stock can be modified or adapted to

the customer’s needs or requirements (for example as current/voltage transformers,

auxiliary control voltages, type of electronic overcurrent protection relays etc.).

Mainly two version of MV switchgears are available:

A) METAL CLAD construction with drawable circuit breakers and with the

relevant fixed cubicle.

Normally for high breaking capacity: more then 16 kA.

B) METAL ENCLOSED construction with disconnecting switch (air insulated

or SF6 filled) on the top and a suitable circuit breaker (vacuum, SF6 filled or

minimum oil type).

The panels include current transformers, overcurrent protection relays, earth

connection for outgoing cables etc.

The standard breaking capacity is 16 kA.

METAL CLAD – version

Q.tà Attualmente abbiamo disponibili a magazzino:

Q.ty Actually we have available in our stock:

4 panels – construction ABB-SACE UNISAFE

12 kV – 630 A – 25 kA

with circuit breaker ABB/SACE

type H/WSN 12-06-25

(630 A – 25 kA – aux: 110 Vdc)

drawable version

(please see the attached photos)

6 panels – construction ABB-SACE-UNISAFE

12 kV – 2000 A – 31,5 kA


3 panels – circuit breaker

H/WSN – 12.16.32

(1600 A – 31,5 kA – aux: 110 Vdc)

3 panels – circuit breaker

HD4 – 12.12.32

(1250 A – 31,5 kA – aux: 110 Vdc)

(please see the attached photos)

METAL ENCLOSED construction

The standard version of MV cubicles include:

- the incoming disconnecting switch (air insulated type or SF6 filled) top mounted

and manually operated from the front

- main circuit breaker of different types and different manufacturers as:

- minimum oil circuit breaker

- SF6 filled circuit breaker

- vacuum circuit breakers

1 set of MV current transformers

1 overcurrent protection relay (digital – microprocessed type)

- auxiliary control devices

- disconnecting switch for earth cable connections

The main c.breaker manufacturer as ABB-SACE – MAGRINI – SCHNEIDER.